Monday, April 11, 2011

What you also can do on a Monday afternoon

I took the bus with Odnoo today, just two stops. When we were getting off, three men, who pretended not to know each other, got between Odnoo and myself. They didn't do anything then, but we noticed that they followed us. When they saw that we had understood their shady business, which was of course pick-pocketing, they lost interest in us, thank goodness. So we arrived safely at the food market, an interesting place which I will tell you more about another time.

Later I took a long walk downtown this lovely spring afternoon.

This is the very center of UB, Sukhbaatar square. Sukhbaatar ("sukh" means "axe", "baatar", as you all know, is "hero") is a national hero who played a central role in founding the Mongolian People's Party and in liberating Mongolia from the Chinese. The huge building you can catch a glimpse of is the national parliament.

A nice pastime on a sunny afternoon!

And demand for French lessons seems to be on the increase, I hope I can meet all requests!

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