Sunday, April 17, 2011

Country life

How can I summarize three days filled to the rim with all sorts of impressions and experiences in just a few lines?? I have seen newborn lambs, I have seen a newborn lamb die, I have held a one-hour old baby goat in my arms, I have seen a stillborn baby goat (yes, I do know that baby goats are called kids), I have seen a sheep being slaughtered, I have seen newborn lambs and baby goats being brought into the ger and put next to the stove to gather strength, I have met incredibly hospitable and friendly people, I have drunk countless cups of milk tea, I have eaten fresh home-made yoghurt (has absolutely nothing to do with the product we get from supermarkets), I have tried milking a cow (disastrous result), and I have seen the endless steppe which I just can't get enough of.

The last picture shows a sheep being slaughtered the Mongolian way: through a slit in the stomach you enter your hand a cut or block the artery. You really see no blood at all, amazingly enough.

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