Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bag lady

On the way home today I took the trolley bus. On every bus there is a ticket seller, usually a woman, who isn't always that easy to spot, especially if the bus is crowded, since (s)he is moving around in the bus and isn't wearing a uniform. The most recognizable item is often a rather big cross-body bag. The thing is that I'm also using a rather big cross-body bag, so today there was a lady who handed me 1000 tugrig and wanted a ticket from me :-))  The price for a trolley bus ticket is, by the way, 200 tugrig, about 12 cents.

This is one of the little princesses where I work - she loves being outdoors, not to mention being on a swing, and lifts her head up towards the sky to really feel the sun and the wind.

I know that today is the last working day for many of you before Easter, so I wish you already now a
Happy Easter!

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