Tuesday, April 5, 2011


On the second day after a new moon, your wish will be fulfilled if you go out and look at the moon and throw a small amount of milk upwards nine times while thinking of your wish. My host, Odnoo, just performed this rite with her aunt in the backyard here, and I joined them. I have no idea where this tradition comes from, maybe it has shamanistic roots. By the way, one of Odnoo's relatives is a shaman, so maybe I will be able to tell you more some time.


  1. Hi Annnette! Nice to hear from you, very nice blog! This new moon milky thing sounds very interesting, I'll definitely give it a try:)

  2. men ska man kasta samma skvätt mjölk flera gånger, eller nio skvättar?
    Det verkar ju så spännande så jag kan tänka mig att försöka i stugan...

  3. Hi Ágnes and Elisabeth, yes, try the milk thing, it's a small amount that you pour nine times and throw upwards (towards the moon) :-)