Friday, April 29, 2011


Today, as the forecast had promised, winter was back (well, not real Mongolian winter, but more like Brussels winter), with snow and wind. This is one of the mud seas that had formed during the night and early morning and which I somehow had to cross on my way to work, wearing black jeans and black suede boots. They are no longer black.

In the background you can see some quite typical garages.

Today was my last working day with the small children in the orphanage, as I will start teaching English to the older kids next week. I hope to be able to pop in and hug these five sweeties from time to time, though, as the teaching will take place just next door.

Here we are in the dining area, which doubles as playing area when it's not meal time, right after the morning snack. The morning snack drink is the reason why you can see at least one soaked t-shirt in the picture.

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