Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coat and tomato

Finally: two really easy Mongolian words!! I'm daily struggling with haah (to close), hiih (to make), cuux (to sit) and uux (to drink), not to mention halbaga (spoon), solongos (Korean) and dzavsarlaga (break). How relieved I was to learn that coat is called palto and tomato is called pomidor! For the latter there is of course also a real Mongolian word that I learned with no problem at all out of pure relief that the other two were so easy: ulaan lool.

The afternoon was devoted to the Dream Discovery project. We prepared a visit to a care center on Friday, making pinatas (I'm sure you know what that is, I had no idea), the skeletons of which are pictured here below. Don't worry, they will be nicely decorated together with the kids in the care center and used to brighten up their rooms.

We then finalised our mission statement and business plan, which I will publish here as soon as we have made the last corrections. In June we will organise a four-day camp for 50 underprivileged children, and for this money is needed. One of the ideas for fundraising that came up was to organise parallel sponsored hikes on the outskirts of UB and in Southern England (where Anna comes from) on 7 May.

It seems as though I will have a full class of French students! At least 8 people or so are interested, and hopefully we will be able to use a real classroom. That will definitely be better working and studying conditions than the shared desk and the restaurant table used so far!

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