Friday, April 8, 2011

To être or not to être

Today's unexpected event was a spontaneous French lesson. While I was having lunch with Sayo, whom you already know, she said that she would love to learn some French. "Ok", I said, "I can give you some lessons. When do you want to start?" The answer came immediately: "Now!!"

Back in the office she got out a notebook, we found a temporarily empty desk and started with "parler" and "être". After a while Zoloo, another of the Project Abroad girls, came into the office and said that she had always wanted to learn French but that it was very difficult to find a course or a teacher in Ulaanbaatar.  So she pulled up a chair and joined in.

Our plan is to continue with the lessons while I'm here, so let's hope that this plan won't change as all other plans tend to do in Mongolia ...

As you can clearly see, we are practicing the pronunciation of "nous"
"il" = "she" and "elle" = "he" or was it the other way round? Difficult for Mongolians, who don't make the distinction (grammar wise, that is :-))

I just love Sayo's phonetic transcription in Cyrillic script!

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